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0PCT Pool
The Smart Way To Stake Your ADA

We Are A High-Performance Cloud-Based Stake Pool With Low Operating Costs!

Delegate To Our Pool 0PCT To Maximize Your ADA Staking Rewards

Ticker: 0PCT

Margin Fee:0%

Fixed Fee: 840₳ | |

Address:  f0e708ba4407cb2414d6138b739d2fb416dd1621deb8371b6ccc8088

Why Stake With 0PCT?

We started our 0PCT Pool to help decentralize the Cardano ecosystem by securing the network through high-performance infrastructure whilst focusing on achieving one key result - providing the highest possible staking returns to delegators!

Our mission at 0PCT is to provide the Cardano Community with the highest possible return for their staking rewards through a trusted and transparent partnership.

Why Stake With 0PCT?
Trusted Team
100% Uptime
Maximized ADA Returns
Scalable Cloud Performance
Lowest Fee With NO Commission
24/7 Monitoring

Smart Returns

Maximize Your ADA Staking Rewards Safely With 0PCT Pool!

When selecting a Stake Pool, choose the technology and proven ROI instead of the hype.

No Commission

Our fees are highly competitive and the lowest you will find!  Our set fee model per epoch is shared amongst the entire pool, this means that our costs to you are negligible whilst providing a huge ROI.  We will NEVER charge you commission to stake your ADA with 0PCT Pool..

Secure Service

We don't mess around with home-based servers and nor should you.  0PCT Pool has partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide an enterprise-grade cloud-based infrastructure that ensures 0PCT Pool deliver market-leading performance whilst keeping our costs low and your ROI high.

In every epoch, a pool that creates blocks will receive rewards. Now let's say the total pool rewards received for an epoch is 45,000 ADA.  First, 0PCT Pool deduct the 340 ADA as the pool cost, which then leaves 44,660 ADA to be distributed to the delegators. 


Other pools that charge commission also deduct their commission % from the pool.  Let's say their commission was 5%, they would first subtract 340 ADA as the pool cost and then 1,786 ADA for their commission, leaving 42,874 ADA to be distributed to the delegators. IE, they charge 1786 MORE ADA per epoch than 0PCT Pool.

By staking with 0PCT Pool you are guaranteed the highest rewards possible for your ADA!

Fee Structure Example

Experienced Team

Background: DevOps & Security

Tenure: 17 years collective experience

Time in Cardano: Since the 2017 launch

Lowest Fee Structure

Pool Commission: 0%

We don't charge commission at 0PCT which guarantees you high rewards

Enterprise Technology

Service: 6 node cluster in Microsoft Azure in multiple locations for high availability, managed by Kubernetes to ensure 24/7 uptime and backed by a 99.99% SLA

By keeping our fees low and our uptime high we guarantee you will earn maximum and unparalleled staking rewards with 0PCT Pool.


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Smart Returns
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Thank you for supporting our business and we look forward to providing you and the broader Cardano community with 0% commission staking. Stake smart, stake 0PCT!

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